The Canadian Museum for Human Rights

Just a couple of quick shots...


Krissy & Kyle

A friend of a friend threw a challenge my way and asked me if I could should some engagement photos for his pal. Sure why not! Krissy and Kyle were a fun couple to work with!


Old Pinawa Dam

Another day off work, another day out shooting. Discovering the old Pinawa Dam. Interesting place.

Flowing water

Today was a Father - Son day. My dad and I took a trip to Whiteshell and bonded over photography. :-) We visited a number of places, hiked a little and took some pictures. My own personal assignment for today was to shoot flowing water. I put my C-Pol filter on my lens and left it on all day. When I downloaded the RAW files to my computer I decided today will also be the day I process my photos as pseudo-HDR to give them a little punch! Check out the results:


Pelicans at Whitemouth Falls

On the way to Whiteshell we stopped for a little rest in Seven Sisters. We took a short walk to Whitemouth Falls and we found dozens of pelicans. Here are a few shots.